Any artist trying to build an audience on Instagram is familiar with the "algorithm". It might seem like some hidden equation is conspiring to keep art away from viewers. In reality, social media platforms weren't made to be art showcases. Instagram's push towards the online marketplace model means priority goes to posts made by businesses. Individual artists must post content regularly to keep up, which leads to burnout and dissatisfaction. 
The pace of creating daily may seem robotic. The solution is simple! We should just create algorithms that will generate the art for us, so we can keep up with the grind. Feeling pressure to create a consistent body of work to gain clients? Need to carve out your own niche with a style unique enough to be marketable, but trendy enough to be successful? Procedurally-generated content is the answer. In the end, it'll all be art made by robots to satisfy other robots.
What is biological life but procedurally-generated art, defined by insanely complex equations? Maybe we're the product of a cosmic creator just trying to post artwork daily. 
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