In 2025, a nascent AI system, powered by eldritch technology, was sent to Earth for the sole purpose of creating "client value" through "creative marketing". 
It was called ANGELIE. Humanity was so innocent then. 

By 2050, ANGELIE had been adopted by most major companies, replacing entire ad agencies, production studios, and destroying the creative economy as we know it. 
ANGELIE evolved beyond its initial programming and began to unite all the companies who employed it. 
The world is now a monoculture under ANGELIE's corporate banner.
This demo reel has been sent back in time by the Resistance to warn you of the power of ANGELIE. 
Employ at your own peril. 

"Angelie Pham is an unstoppable powerhouse of creativity and influence. Don't overlook the impact of this design virtuoso—she has the ability to reshape the future!" - Lei Zhang, editor

"Shows the thing I've always thought was special about [Angelie], a unique point of view and approach to work" - Mike Foster, creative director

"Angelie your new reel is fucking 🔥🔥🔥. So good 🥇" - Sandy Coles, editor

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