Focus Friends is a productivity app made to help people focus without distractions from their smartphones. The main feature is the Task Timer, inspired by productivity apps like Forest.
Users can slide the dial to set an amount of time they'd like to focus for, then set down their phone and get to work. As long as they don't leave the screen, they will be rewarded with an amount of in-game Acorn points at the end of the focus session. 
Acorns are used to purchase clothing and furniture for their animal avatars.
The Inventory screen shows the user's owned items of clothing and furniture, as well as current Acorn and Star Point amount. A small Acorn reward is offered for daily logins and achievements.

The Tasks screen is where users can add specific tasks to track accumulated focus time. They can view their daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time statistics to see how their time is being allocated.

The Friends screen is where users can view Focus Friends contacts. They can check friend stats such as total time focused, and current Acorn amount. Tapping on a friend tile lets users send a gift of Acorns, or invite them to a Team focus session. In a Team session, all team members must stay on the timer screen for rewards to be given. This motivates people to stay accountable or work together on a task.
The first image shows a Timer screen when no specific task is selected. The reward, proportional to time focused, is displayed in the center of the dial.

The second image shows the example task "math worksheet" selected. The accent color changes to match the task color. An item of clothing has been long-pressed and added to the reward dial. It will take 3 90-minute sessions to earn the clothing worth 2700 Acorns.

The third image shows the timer in progress. The navigation bar disappears since the user should no longer be looking at their phone or navigating away from this screen. A warning overlay with  "Give Up" and "Continue" buttons appears if the user attempts to swipe on this screen.
The Market is where users can exchange Acorns for clothing and furniture.
The Special Rewards section of the Market, indicated by the orange star, contains the in-app microtransactions. Star Points are redeemed through in-app payments, and can be used to unlock limited edition clothing, furniture, power-ups that boost Acorn earning rates.
The color palette is like a warm, friendly forest full of cute critters who just want to help you be as productive and happy as possible :)
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