After reading an article criticizing Robinhood for “gamification” of the stock market, I thought, “What if I went all the way and made a fully gamified stock trading app?” 
How would it look if financial data became in-game stats? The perfect meld between the thrill of gaming and the world of Wall Street. Would it be predatory? Would it encourage a different audience to start investing? Just how illegal would it be!?
Minotaur is a fictional stock trading app and online brokerage whose UI is styled like a fantasy RPG game. 
Minotaur has elements of pay-to-win gacha games like loot crates, collectibles, upgradable characters, microtransactions, that exist alongside the “real” trading aspects and provide Minotaur Inc. with additional profit.
It works great as a UI design challenge because games and trading platforms have a LOT of information to organize. They share aspects of risk & reward, gambling, and stat optimization.
"Lootbox" animation when purchasing/upgrading stocks
Art of the lovely stock ticker QQQ :)
User interface prototype in Adobe XD for use in trailer graphics.
Original pitch deck
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